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About Us

Located in Orlando, Florida, John and Matt formed this partnership in 2015 to focus their efforts on the parts of their individual careers that they enjoyed most. They get excited about product design and the new product manufacturing process. They focus on plastic part design, electro-mechanical products, medical products, and products with special environmental needs from MRI systems to restaurants. They have over 25 years of product design experience for major medical product companies, small medical companies, military contractors, start-ups, restaurant industry product manufacturers, and automotive component companies. They have experience with regulatory compliance including FDA (Class II, GMP), NSF, UL, ETL, SGS, Australian C-Tick, CCC, and CE Marking. They have experience with ISO 9001 compliance and can assist your company with compliance of the document management system for technical drawings and the ECO process.   They enjoy the process and sharing their knowledge to ensure great results. This partnership between John Burrill and Matthew Mercier is available to your company to turn those great ideas into great products.

Key Principals

Matthew Mercier

Matthew’s diverse interests include motorsports, guitar playing, soccer, machining, metal fabrication, programming, electronic “maker” projects, and woodworking. As an engineer and technical director at his previous employers, Matthew provides patentable, award winning, profitable solutions that are available in the market today. With a strong focus on plastic part design and integrated electronics, Matthew applies the knowledge gained in his work at small and large medical equipment manufacturers as well as small, short run, product companies to solve challenging design problems. Matthew enjoys brainstorming about new product ideas and engaging with inventive, entrepreneurial people.


John Burrill

John is an engineering designer with 20 years of experience creating products for manufacturers.  His experience includes mechanical, electro-mechanical, opto-mechanical, material handling and simulation system packaging and product definition.  He is also a highly skilled at creating technical publications, ad copy and software customization through application programming interfaces.

When not working, John likes food, metaphysics, working on his car, continuing his education and travel.


Donovan Naghitorabi

Born in St. Petersburg, Donovan Naghitorabi moved to Orlando in 2011 to study mechanical engineering at UCF and begin his product design career. As an intern during college, Donovan garnered strong foundational skills in consumer and commercial product development, CAD modeling, and customer service. Donovan brought his technical and soft skills to Step 2 Engineering in 2016 to join the team in providing comprehensive engineering and product design services. When at home, Donovan loves playing tennis, building custom computers, and working on electronics projects. Thankful for his opportunity to pursue his passion, Donovan always puts his best foot forward to ensure customer satisfaction.


Jules Gozlan

Jules grew up in France before coming to Florida at the age of 13. He graduated from the University of Central Florida in 2019 with a bachelor’s in mechanical engineering and a minor in Mathematics. During his last 3 years in school, Jules was very involved with an Orlando nonprofit, where he helped design and manufacture 3D printed prosthetics. Jules joined Step 2 Engineering in May of 2019 where he brought his design experience and will to help people develop their ideas. In his free time, Jules enjoys creative hobbies where he can still apply his technical skills such as metalworking and knifemaking.


Kaitlyn DaSilva

Kaitlyn DaSilva is a recent graduate of Worcester Polytechnic Institute where she gained experience in Manufacturing Technology, CNC Machining, and Product Design. Originally from Connecticut, she moved to Florida and joined the Step 2 Engineering team in 2019. Kaitlyn focuses on quality management, and product development and testing. In her spare time Kaitlyn enjoys knitting, volunteering, and rooting for the Florida Gators. Go Gators! Kaitlyn is passionate about maintaining quality and excellence in the products she develops.